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    14 Reasons You'll Always Love Pokémon

    *hoards holographic Charizard card*

    1. Because it's the song of your people.

    All members of Pokemon nation, please rise.

    2. Because it sparked your thirst for powerful knowledge.

    3. Because it's gifted you with your most precious treasures.


    4. Because you got mad game now playa.

    5. Because it motivates you to be the best you that you can be.

    6. Because it's made you a more empathetic and relatable person.

    7. Because Pokémon is love. Pokémon is life.

    8. Because it brought you closer to your loved ones.

    9. Because it reminds you there's no such thing as too weird.

    10. Because it taught you to believe in yourself.

    11. Because it showed you the bonds of family were stronger than anything else.

    12. Because it can turn the most ordinary of days into the most exciting adventure.

    13. Because it prepared you for the tough road ahead.

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