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    24 Reasons Why Living In A Post-Apocalyptic World Would Be Awesome

    It's all about the silver lining fellow warriors.

    1. Your belief that you're better than everybody else is now actually true.

    I mean sure, there's like 10 people left alive in the entire world but still. Bow down before the queen.

    2. There's no limit to the amount of leather you can pull off.

    3. Really anything's game fashion wise.

    4. This is an acceptable way to greet people.

    5. Because fuck social niceties.

    Let's be honest you were never that good at them anyway.

    6. No really though.

    7. You'll finally have time to learn how to crochet from an alien.

    8. That $300 dollar investment finally paid off.

    And everybody laughed when you said katanas were cool.

    9. You're allowed to just take shit.

    10. Alternately, wrecking shit is totally okay.

    11. You can dance like no one's watching.

    12. Money is totally useless and everyone's just as poor as you.

    13. Because fuck doing dishes.

    14. Your natural distrust of the man will probably save your life.

    Yes this is from a really weird GE commercial, but it's still a world we wouldn't want to live in.

    15. It's never too early to start drinking.

    16. You can literally set anything on fire and it's totally cool.

    17. You can smoke all you want because honestly, something else will take you out way before lung cancer.

    18. You finally have a second to appreciate the beauty of nature.


    19. You get to make the best entrances.

    Oh hai, just casually rappelling into a battle.

    20. And this is how you feel all the time.

    21. Best friends still exist.

    And will lend you a shoulder to cry on.

    22. Hugs are just that much better after you've done the impossible and survived another day.

    23. Falling in love is way more epic.

    24. And best of all, even if you die, you might come back.

    Albiet a little differently.