13 Reasons To Always Use Protection

Condoms are your friend, friend.

I'm a virgin and I managed to get an STD.  Lucky me.
I've always had a secret dream to become a pornstar. Now I've found out I've contracted a non-curable STD that
I gave my priest gonorrhea
One time I set my ball hair on fire to try and get rid of my pubic lice
My boyfriend gave me scabies  and then dumped me.  I still want him back.

6. Because you don’t know where your one night stand has been.

I got herpes from a one night stand on a couch in the back of a bar.
Slept with my gynecologist.  He gave me an STD, the irony.
I had unprotected sex for years and it wasn't until I was monogamous that I got an STD
I got an std after only sleeping with two people. I never even got to have a slutty phase first.
I once got crabs after having sex with my friend's mom or maybe his sister.  Still not sure which one gave them to me.
I tell guys I want to use a condom, if they decide against it, I view it as their own fault for not listening to my wishes.%2
Everyone at my job asked me how my weekend was. I told them it was okay. I failed to include the part where I found out I have%
One time I got chlamydia from using my roommate's dildo because mine was out of batteries.  True story

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