18 "Real Geek" Boys Who Don't Understand Anything About Women

    Whisper is an anonymous secret-sharing app, but trust me, ladies, we've all met these guys IRL. It must get better right?

    1. The easiest way to make up for shitty sales in boobs obviously.

    2. Hair + smart + cute + liking the same stuff = one whole person

    3. Super kind of you to invite me, thanks.

    4. Thanks for clearing up how open and inviting fandom actually is.

    5. -___-

    6. Nope sorry, you can't eat candy and be hot unless you're already a cartoon.

    7. The real question is why do you pay to jerk off to still pictures in a magazine? Do you know what the internet is?

    8. Ew at The Space Treks. Ew at Two Dead Parents, One Guy and A Cave.

    9. Thanks for all this gracious wiggle room.

    10. Did you file her in your longboxes?

    11. So there's this thing called Comic-Con, idk if you've heard of it?

    12. It's true, the one thing I absolutely hate is fun.

    13. The friendzone is psychosomatic, 10 out of 10 doctors agree.

    14. Have you tried opening your eyes?

    15. Then don't call me a bitch when I ruin the ending to a game your slow ass hasn't beat yet.

    16. Damnit, I'm gonna have to think of a better plan to get into your pants.

    17. Let me help you with that rock you've been living under.

    18. Yes. Literally a million times yes.