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    11 Questions Every "Doctor Who" Fan Has, Answered By Steven Moffat

    Also Steven Moffat's Matt Smith impression is 100.

    1. Where does Jack's body go when he becomes the Face of Boe?

    Steven Moffat: Well, we don’t know what happens to somebody when they age for that amount of time. We’ve never seen it. He’s aged... I think the line just before that reveal is Jack saying, “I’ve noticed that I’ve actually started to age a bit." What happens, it would seem, when you get very, very old is that your face becomes enormous! You know your nose keeps growing your entire life? Well maybe the rest of your face just joins in and you become all face! Some of Jack’s vanity would probably turn into an entire face wouldn’t it? So simply it’s an unprecedented incident, no one lives that long, but if you did, you’d turn into a giant face and live in a big vase.

    I feel like Jack’s vanity should allow him a butt though.

    SM: We’ve never seen the back of the Face of Boe.

    There’s still hope for him!

    2. Did the beautiful stuttering love of Donna’s life Lee ("Forest of the Dead") ever come find her again? Especially considering that time travel is known to exist in the 51st century?

    3. Has the War Doctor ever smiled? What’s a joke he would actually laugh at?


    5. What are Rose and Ten Two up to? Do you think Rose is living the good life, maybe DJing under the name Bad Wolf or something like that?

    6. Have River and Anthony (Amy and Rory’s adopted son) ever met?

    7. Who actually flies the TARDIS better, the Doctor or River?

    SM: Everybody flies better than the Doctor. But the Doctor isn’t trying to fly well. He’s not — that’s the point. It’s a perfectly well-functioning TARDIS. We know that now; we’ve know that for a very long time. And he claims that it’s not working. Why? Because he doesn't particularly want to go anywhere he wants to be surprised, so he’s not really trying. He’s just thinking, That’s pretty cool, let’s throw all these levers about. It’s always, Oh, I can’t get you home, but I can land on that spaceship with pinpoint accuracy. He flies the TARDIS always exactly as well as he needs to. Most of the time he just wants to throw open those doors and see what the hell goes on.

    8. What was Vastra and Jenny’s meet-cute like?

    9. Can Eleven actually knit? He seemed very invested in Knitting for Girls.

    SM: No, otherwise he wouldn’t have to be reading that book. Can you imagine Matt Smith’s Doctor trying to knit? I had that Knitting for Girls book in a couple of times but it always got cut. I always thought that’s what the Doctor would do if he walked into a pub that’s really scary and full of hard men — and reading Knitting for Girls would be his message. I’m here and I read Knitting for Girls, you do NOT mess with me. I don’t care if you don’t think I’m hard, I can knit better than you.

    10. Does Stormageddon still insist on being called Stormageddon?

    11. What would Twelve do if he ever actually met a magician?

    Season 9 of Doctor Who premieres Sep 19, 9pm on BBC America.