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    15 Pieces Of Swoon-Worthy Disney Swag For Every Occasion

    Bless Etsy.

    1. For your Villains Anonymous meeting.

    2. For eloping with handsome strangers.

    3. For when you finally upgrade to legs.

    4. For "tea" time.

    Alice in Wonderland high waisted skirt.

    5. For when you need a guide through the 100 Acre Wood.

    Winnie the Pooh watch necklace.

    6. For girls night out.

    7. For navigating home from the second star on the right.

    8. For when you plan on breaking ancient curses.

    9. For when you're about to go on the adventure of a lifetime!

    10. For when you visit your old campus.

    11. For extended bug squashing.

    12. For when you need an all-powerful friend.

    13. For when you want your nails to be as colorful as the wind.

    Custom painted Pocahontas nails.

    14. For when you need to defeat the Huns.

    Mulan charm bracelet.

    15. For literally every occasion you could think of.

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