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    22 People Who Should Have Stayed In School

    Science + Math + You = Functional Human Being

    1. This teacher who is telling children that our ancestors lived with the dinosaurs.

    2. This person who's concerned about almond anatomy.

    3. This person who doesn't know his girlfriend still hates him.

    4. This person who has never played Tetris.

    5. This person who doesn't think the sun isn't a star because stars live in the sky.

    6. This guy who's really concerned about the geometric compatibility of his butt and an ice cube.

    7. This person who knows $25 for Smurfs is a steal.

    8. This professional pet cremator.

    9. This person who doesn't quite understand ovals.

    10. This person who can't grasp the concept of 4.54 billion.

    11. This person who had a crowbar and no screwdriver.

    12. This future mother who is just inoculating her kid against the effects of marijuana.

    13. Speaking of high people...

    14. This population control enthusiast.

    15. These girls who don't know that 65mph = 65mph.

    16. This person who is wildly optimistic on the longevity of the average person.

    17. This person who is also wondering if humans floated everywhere before Newton 'invented' gravity.

    18. This person who thinks that the jellyfish part of jellyfish can go away.

    19. This future Ponzi scheme victim.

    20. This registered voter.

    21. This person who has never heard of a space station.

    22. This person who doesn't know what Earth is.