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    16 People Who Are Real Life "Scooby Doo" Villains

    "I would have gotten aways with it if it weren't for you meddling kids!

    1. This person who built a CYBORG GHOST TO TERRORIZE CHILDREN.

    2. These people who don't even NEED the two way mirror to observe their prey.

    3. This master of disguise hiding in plain sight.

    (Hint, he's the kindly innkeeper introduced in the beginning of the episode.)

    4. This ultimate surveillance painting.

    5. This villain who died trying to get into her secret lair.

    6. This man whose hair is definitely made out of Scrappy Doo.

    7. This mastermind caught in his own trap.

    8. These not twins who are definitely NOT A DISTRACTION.

    9. The owner of this ominous shit that you should NOT enter, not even for clues.


    11. Conan O'Brien.

    12. This person who employs a sentient door.

    13. This stealth master who can't quite stealth.

    14. This villain with a can of evil minions to open in case of emergencies.

    15. This person who installed a stealth moat around their evil lair.

    16. This villain who finally caught Shaggy (AND THE REST ARE ONLY A MATTER OF TIME).

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