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    Marceline Goes To Space In A New "Adventure Time" Comic!

    And guess who's taking some time off from running the Candy Kingdom to go with her?

    Adventure Time: Marceline Gone Adrift kicks off after Marceline goes on an epic rampage through the kingdom of Ooo.

    KaBOOM! Studios

    The only candy woman who can stop her? PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM!!!

    KaBOOM! Studios

    Trying to save both Marceline and Ooo, PB accidentally launches Marceline into the darkest depths of space while simultaneously stripping her of her powers.

    KaBOOM! Studios

    Feeling guilty and worried about her friend, PB sets off through space with one mission, rescuing Marceline.

    KaBOOM! Studios


    Cartoon Network

    The first issue hits comic book stores January 28th!

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