Ranking The Wildest “Love Is Blind” Moments From “Huh, Weird” To “Oh My God, How Is This Show Real?!”

    Get off my neck, Lacheys.

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    If you're a fan of reality dating shows, you know every single one is so chaotic that it kills any modicum of interest in romantic relationships by the time you get to the end of the season.

    Love Is Blind is no exception. Despite the premise of the show being incredibly wholesome — can you fall in love with someone without ever seeing them? — by the time we get to the altar, the season has become a never-ending cringefest of reasons to be alone forever.

    Two contestants from Love is Blind sit in the pods, getting to know one another through a wall.

    If you're like me, and you *Marie Kondo voice* love mess, then you know the Lacheys have a chokehold on romantic train wrecks you can't look away from.

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    So, without further ado, I present the most chaotic moments from all four seasons of Love Is Blind, ranked solely by how much acid reflux they bring up when I think of them. Scroll if you dare:

    20. Sal drops Mallory in the sand.

    Sal drops Mallory in the sand.

    19. Amber rejects Jessica's apology.

    18. Danielle's brother asks Nick about their sexual activities.

    Danielle laughing with her head on Nick's shoulder as he looks away in embarrassment

    17. Raven works out through Bartise's story of his parents' divorce.

    Bartise lounging in the pods confronting Raven over her jumping jacks

    16. Irina tells Zack he looks like a cartoon.

    Irina says Zach looks like fictional character, a cartoon, after she sees him for the first time.

    15. Shaina calls Shayne and Natalie's relationship fake and laughable.

    Shaina yells at Shayne at the bonfire.

    14. Bliss's dad tells Zack it's not going to work out.

    Bliss's Dad telling Zach what he thinks of their relationship.

    13. Cole ranks Zanab a 9/10 after ranking Colleen a 10/10.

    Cole sticks his foot in his own mouth.

    12. Raven and SK reveal they got engaged in the Life After the Altar special, only for the episode to end with Raven addressing SK's cheating scandal.

    Raven at home on the couch revealing that SK cheated on her.

    11. Irina asks Bliss for a candle when she forgets Zack's birthday.

    Where To Watch: Season 4, Episode 2

    Why It's Burned Into My Brain: Irina really asked Bliss if she could copy her homework (if "the homework" was remembering their mutual crush's birthday and getting him something to celebrate). Truly, the audacity to ask another woman for something she put thought into so you could pass it off as your own! Not only is this villain behavior, it's, like...animated rogues gallery levels of goofy.

    10. Andrew puts tear drops in his eyes to cry on camera.

    Andrew puts tear drops in his eye.

    9. Damian rejects Giannina at the altar, and she runs away — only to fall in the mud.

    8. Jackie ditches her wedding dress fitting to go on a date with Josh.

    Brett describes a text he got from Tiff about Jackie ditching the wedding dress fitting

    7. Shake says being with Deepti is like "being with his aunt."

    Shake talks to one of the guys at a party and says being with Deepti feels like being with his aunt.

    6. Carlton throws Diamond's engagement ring into the pool.

    Carlton throws his hands in the air after throwing Diamond's ring into the hotel pool saying he doesn't give a fuck about a ring.

    5. The entire cast telling Shake to fuck off at the reunion.

    Shake pretending at the reunion that he's going to stop talking, but continuing to talk

    4. Giannina tells Damian he's bad at sex.

    Gigi asks Damian if he's noticed that she doesn't return the compliment when he says this is the best sex of his entire life/

    3. SK's mom mouthing "I do" after Raven says yes to SK and SK pauses.

    SK's mom in a traditional gele with tears in her eyes mouthing the words I do to encourage SK to say yes to Raven

    2. Jessica lets her dog drink her wine while Mark tries to convince her that he's not comparing her to his mom.

    1. Any time someone decided to serenade their someone special on this show.


    Anyone else’s eyes roll completely to the back of their head when he sings? And her fake crying? #bruh #greenscreenvideo #loveisblindnetflix #loveisblindseason2 #loveisblind #awkward #giveitup #salandmallory

    ♬ original sound - TheBlancoFamily

    Why It's Burned Into My Brain: I cannot. Being sung to in public is my absolute nightmare. If I enjoyed this type of activity, then I would just buy tickets to musicals and call it a day. If it floats your boat, I'm happy for you — but let's be honest, even the most romantic of romantics among us would not be able to sit through a Love Is Blind serenade supercut without cringing.

    You've read our ranking, but what's yours? What moments did we miss? Share your picks in the comments below!

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