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    25 Instagrams That Will Teach You Something New Every Day

    #TheMoreYouKnow Be sure to follow these accounts for more eye and brain candy.

    1. There's an ancient art called long tea pot pouring that originated in China.

    2. Trypophobia is the fear of clustered holes (like in this lotus seed pod).

    3. The first woman to receive her pilot's license was Baroness Raymonde de la Roche in 1910.

    4. The Aurora Borealis is not only a stunning natural light display, but also a powerful magnetic storm.

    5. Paul McCartney declared "God Only Knows" by The Beach Boys as the greatest song ever written.

    6. Katherine Hepburn skateboarded to the set of Guess Who's Coming To Dinner.

    7. This is what a selfie in space looks like.

    8. Striped stones that resembled human eyes, known as agates, were once thought to provide special protection against poisons. The stones would be ground up and drunk in wine to cure poisoning or applied to the skin to cure snake, spider, or scorpion bites.

    9. The world's first "true" cell phone was introduced to the world in 1973 by Marty Cooper.

    10. The Oceanic Whitetip Shark is considered one of the most predatory and dangerous sharks.

    11. Art pop Madonnas exist (by Katharina Fritsch, 1982).

    12. You can 3D prothetic hand for about $50 worth of raw materials and a free template from E-Nable.

    13. The first MBL game was played at Wrigley Field (then known as Weeghman Park).

    14. The Golden Gate Bridge is painted International Orange So it's visible in the fog.

    15. During WWII artworks from the Tate Galleries were sent into the Underground as protection from air raids.

    16. There are 30 articles in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    17. Smithsonian scientists have recently determined that this family of whales were poisoned by toxic algal blooms.

    18. The Royal Ballet Of Cambodia frequently uses stunning traditional headdresses as part of their performance.

    19. Ford unveiled the Mustang at the World's Fair in 1964.

    20. Some animals have a literal bone in their penis.

    21. This a prototype television model circa 1970.

    22. Orsen Welles made a once thought to be lost film titled Too Much Johnson which has recently been found and restored.

    23. The Milky Way Galaxy has over 200 billion stars.

    24. The Ottendorfer Library (135 2nd Ave., Manhattan) was both the album cover of Led Zepplin's Physical Graffiti and in the music video for The Rolling Stones "Waiting For A Friend".

    25. You can swim with manatees in Florida's Crystal River.