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25 Photos That Will Make You Regret Being Chained To Your Desk

Fuck this desk.

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"Running around the fields of #France after the photo festival in La Gacilly. Photoshop #magic NOT - just a simple old trick I learned growing up on a #ranch, bucking #hay. "


"Photo by @pedromcbride (Pete McBride): An aerial view of 'the Loop', a double oxbow that winds through #Canyonlands National Park and Cataract Canyon in Utah...Beauty aside, This is also one of my favorite images as I took with my 72-year-old #father who was piloting a single-engine #Cessna - windows open, calm morning air. We had to jump the fence of the airport because it opened at sunrise and we wanted to be in the air at first #light."



"Photo @lucianocandisani ( Luciano Candisani ). Boys playing soccer in Juruá River, one of the main rivers in the Amazon rain forest, Brazil. "


"Photo: @coryrichards | The world is a dynamic place, infinitely resilient and yet very fragile. Our impacts are undeniable and it's our responsibility to act. The planet is a surprising and beautiful place full of surprises. All of my life, I've been inspired by our wild places...and there is no doubt that our actions as a human family are having dire effects."


"Photo @lucianocandisani ( Luciano Candisani ). Rocas Atoll, Brazil, 2000. This small house is the only shelter for the four biologists who spend seasons of 20 days doing research on this isolated island 300 miles off the coast. When I took the photo I was in search of an image that could bring the feeling of isolation of life in a small sand island in the middle of the open ocean. "


"Photo by @paleyphoto (Matthieu Paley) - Arriving for lunch at Marita's #stilt house. You can come swimming or by dug-out canoe, your call. This is her home all year round. #Bajau people (also known as "Sea #Gypsies”) live a seaborne lifestyle, getting most of their food from the ocean. Lots of them are stateless and not recognised by neighboring countries because of their nomadic lifestyle."


"Photo by @haarbergphoto (Orsolya Haarberg) The #Gođafoss waterfall in #Iceland."



"Our second runner up in the April edition of the Fan Photo Contest is Stefan Barycki @jimmy_slim."


"Morning fog lifts off the meadow behind Josiah Starling house - Monhegan Island, Maine. This photo by @amytoensing (Amy Toensing)."


"Photo: @yamashitaphoto | #Tea time in #Toulou land, home of the #Hakka: seen the sun only 3x in 3 weeks."


"Photo: @tyronefoto | Visit to #ghostranch the stomping grounds of Georgia Okeeffe."


"Photo by @jimmy_chin Will Patton barrel harvesting in Indo. I always encourage people to shoot what they are passionate about. Only problem is when the waves look like this....the board or the camera?"



"Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). From my first foray into underwater photography. A story on #BlackPearls in the #atoll of #Fakarava, French Polynesia."


"Photo by @gordonwiltsie With warmest memories of the late, mountaineering giant, #AlexLowe, I want to thank again the thousands of people who contributed so generously to support the #Sherpa people he so loved. For more than ten years the Alex Lowe Charitable Fund has been working closely with the Sherpa community, teaching technical mountaineering, aiding families in need, and building a vocational training and cultural center. Every dollar will be wisely spent and I know that Alex would have been so honored. For more information, contact (This picture of Alex was taken on an @natgeo expedition I shared with him to #BaffinIsland, north of the #Arctic Circle in #Canada)"


"Photo by @jimmy_chin There are a lot of benefits to getting up early mornings to go skiing in the Tetons. Catching Teton alpenglow is one of them. #nezperce #grandtetonnationalpark"


"Photo by @gordonwiltsie In this image from 1980, Pertemba Sherpa demonstrates rappelling to a group of fellow guides during an early mountaineering course for Sherpas (with Mount Ama Dablam as a backdrop.)"


"Photo: @robertclarkphoto Robert Clark | While working on the #RomanWalls story for @natgeo I made a trip to #Petra in #Jordan which has a Roman section. This is one of the men working as a guide. The site was built as early as 312 BCE was not know to the western world until 1812 when Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, set his eyes on the amazing carved architecture. It was called "rose-red city half as old as time" by noted poet John William Burgon."



"Photo: @melissafarlow Melissa Farlow | Horses roam freely on remote, volcanic Easter Island located 2,000 miles off the coast of Chile. They were brought there by Catholic missionaries in the 1860s and numbers have grown to approximately 4,000. Sadly, many are dying--inflicted with liver damage--poisoned by eating a yellow flowering plant called Cho Cho (Crotalaria) that was introduced to reduce soil erosion. An estimated 20 percent have become ill, emaciated--and eventually die. Locals say the "Mad Horse disease" began about 25 years ago and it is only recently they understand the cause."


"This image - a climber descends the "Valley of Silence" perched at 22,000 atop the #Khumbu Icefall on Everest's south side - is one of the prints available. Photo: @pedromcbride (Pete McBride)."


"The WINNER of our April Fan Photo Contest on @Instagram is Marius Pirea @mariuspirea."


"Photo by @gordonwiltsie As a photographer, it is a refreshing break to to shoot something completely out of your own box, like this Tibetan Buddhist #biker cruising back roads near #SantaFe, #NewMexico."


"Photo: @melissafarlow Melissa Farlow | Evening light illuminates Cherokee Park as flowering trees and green leaves show the first signs on spring overlooking Baringer Hill. Frederick Law Olmsted designed Louisville's parks 120 years ago and over the years they have fallen into disrepair. Louisville Olmsted Parks Conservancy leads the restoration with woodlands and prairie plantings."


"The 4,500 year old neolithic masterpiece, the day after the vernal equinox, as photographed from a paraglider by @geosteinmetz."


"Photo @pedromcbride. A dugout canoe on a calm #Amazon River, snaking through Peru on its 4000 mile march to the Atlantic — one of my most memorable journeys with the late writer Matt Power."


"Photo by @jimmy_chin Sometimes half the job is making yourself at home when your far from it. #homeawayfromhome w @sherpascinema. Bella Coola, British Columbia."


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