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15 Women Who Would Like To Remind Everyone That Cosplay Is Not Consent

*Casual reminder to not be that guy*

BuzzFeed asked cosplayers at SDCC about the creepiest thing that had been said to them in cosplay.

Hopefully we can provide some helpful tips on how to not be that guy.

1. If you can feel any body part of the person you're asking to take a picture of, you, sir, are too close.

2. But being super-far away and taking photos without permission is equally as gross and creepy.


4. Asking a cosplayer to touch you instead of creepily touching them is, repeat after me, even creepier.

5. Don't use your kids as an excuse to perv on cosplayers. OMG, how is this a thing that even needs to be said?

6. Maybe remember that while we all love fictional worlds, we're not actually in one.

7. And maybe only "compliment" people you would be able to call a peer. And not, you know, an underage teen.

8. Maybe think about the fact that these lovely ladies don't need captains, because as you can clearly see, they are their own captains.

9. Definitely do not invite anyone back to your basement, aka your murder cave.

10. There's porn for free on the internet with people who have consented to be in it. There is absolutely no need for the following to ever happen.

11. No. No hugs. You are not entitled to hugs unless the person you are talking to is your mother.

12. And really, this is the perfect way to guarantee that no one will ever stop to talk to you.

13. And whatever else, no puns about body parts, exposed or otherwise.

14. Actually no puns ever. Bad puns are no one's friend. No one.

15. And last but not least, Emma Frost would like to kindly remind you: