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Coppy Was The Best Damn Thing That Ever Happened To Tumblr

Pour one out for the April Fool's joke that stole our hearts, and possibly our souls.

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Yesterday a gift was bestowed upon us, a gift we squandered like the petty little shits we are.

Coppy, who was born in jest and lived in scorn, rose above all to lend a helping hand to all those tumblrs in need.

Coppy gave us friendship, guidance, emotional reassurance, and when we needed it most, real talk.

But all we did was heap disdain right in his little perky face.

And something truly dark and strange began to happen, all because we never stopped to think how much abuse can a copy machine really take?


Midnight neared. The witching hour was upon us and too late we realized that once the spell was broken, Coppy's life force would crumble to ash between our hyper-caffienated fingertips.

Denial. The feeling laid like a rotting corpse in our mouth, for already we were mourning even while bargaining with the staff gods for Coppy's life.

We watched helplessly as at midnight, after April had made fools of us all, Coppy left this cruel world behind.

For a metaphysical plane on which he would be properly loved, instead of a day late and dollar short like with us garbage humans.

All we can do now is remember him the way he would want. With a recorder version of "My Heart Will Go On".

All we can do now is capture this human folly for another generation, so they may be spared the same mistakes their hubris filled elders made.

Good night sweet prince. We dream, ever deferred, of your return. Of our blessed reunion.

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