"Black Widow" Comic Writer Wrote 6 Pages Of A Hypothetical Black Widow Movie

    Nathan Edmondson came out in support of a campaign Black Widow fans have started for a Black Widow movie.

    So while Marvel's upcoming movies feature the amazing Carol Danvers as Marvel's first solo female superhero movie, fans have been clamoring for another lovely lady to take the lead for many, many years.

    Black Widow and @Marvel fans are trying to get the word out today about how much we want a #BlackWidowMovie! Please make it happen!

    And Nathan Edmondson, the writer of the solo Black Widow comic book (unsurprisingly) gave his heartfelt support to #BlackWidowMovie.

    capswintersoldier said: Thank you so much for your support of our campaign for a Black Widow movie! It... http://t.co/RWI0x9MTah

    By being a total superstar and writing the first 6 pages of a hypothetical Black Widow movie.

    This makes me cry with happiness and also sadness because this is not a real script for a real production. BUT IT SHOULD BE.