27 Signs You're A Browncoat

    You're a big damn hero. For those who have a romantic relationship with Joss Whedon's short-lived space Western series.

    1. You own a multicolored parasol.

    2. You think this is the sweetest hat you've ever seen.

    3. You like your gingers with an extra evil laugh.

    4. This is the most comforting sound in the world to you.

    5. This is your Monday morning pep talk.

    6. You think that this is the height of flattery.

    7. And that this is the pinnacle of smack talk.

    8. You really enjoy living on the edge.

    9. You consistently name a spaceship as your second in every fight.

    10. You know who the real enemy is.

    11. This is how you handle frenemies.

    12. And this is how you deal with haters.

    13. People often tell you they can picture you in a life of crime.

    14. Probably because you like to pepper this phrase into casual conversation too frequently.

    15. You're convinced this superpower is going to manifest anyday now.

    16. This is a sign of a great drunken night out for you.

    17. And this is a sign of great drunken day out.

    18. You know a lot of weirdly frightening yet seductive facts.

    19. You've got some intense family drama.

    20. You remind people who talk in theaters of the consequences of their actions.

    21. You swear in Chinese. A lot.

    22. You're very particular with how your luggage is handled.

    23. You aim for kneecaps first in a fight.

    24. Your manners are impeccable.

    25. You get this song stuck in your head once a week.


    27. Basically: