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21 Flawless Cattacks

Take notes, humans.

1. The "Did You Think We Were Enjoying a Lazy Morning in Bed?" Attack

2. The "Jack and the Beanstalk" Attack

3. The Classic "Behind the Door" Attack

4. The "F Your Work" Attack

5. The "DIE, TERMINATOR, DIE" Attack

6. The "You See Me Coming, So You'll Never See Me Coming" Attack

7. The "I Got This in the Bag" Attack

8. The "Cat's Got Your Tongue" Attack

9. The Hunger Games Attack

10. The "Fool Thought I Was Sleeping" Attack

11. The "You're Not Going to School Today" Attack

12. The "Three Moms One Jump" Attack

13. The "Pride Rock" Attack

14. The "Paparazzi" Attack

15. The "PETA" Attack

16. The "Boogeyman" Attack

17. The "Self" Attack

18. The "Bambi" Attack

19. The "PET ME NOW, HUMAN" Attack

20. The "While You Were Sleeping" Attack

21. The "Roomba" Attack