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18 Of The Most Whedon-y Moments From "S.H.I.E.L.D."

WHY AREN'T YOU WATCHING YET? Spoilers for last night's pilot.

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1. When Skye kept it real. Like, really real.


2. When qualifications for gods were tested by bicep size.

3. When Howard Stark's hovercar finally worked.

4. When Coulson and Hill played Pictionary.

5. When WORDPLAY (zingpow).


6. When Coulson shot a bitch (who happened to be on his own team).

7. When Shepard Book showed up and he had put his hair away.

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But we all know it's there. Waiting.

8. When Skye was us, and we were Skye.


9. When Gramsy.


ABC / Via

The brOTP to end all brOTPs.

11. When Melinda May made you want to grow up and be a bus driver.

12. When penis jokes.

13. When Simmons was like you don't even know me.

ABC / Via

ilu simmons

14. When there was an ominously cheerful goodbye.

15. When it was just straight up ominous.


16. When unf really sexy tech everywhere.

17. When omfg science bros sciencing!

18. When Coulson couldn't help himself.

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