17 Pieces Of Harry Potter Bling That Can Charm Even Muggles

    For when your love of HP can't be contained.

    1. I need these like I need Felix Felicis.

    2. Snitch my money away.


    4. Lemme ~upgrade~ you(r time turner).

    5. Stop. In the name of the Deathly Hallows.

    6. I will always reach for this necklace.

    7. Ravenclaws turn up. Revenclaws turn out.

    8. I wouldn't smash this even if it was a horcrux.

    9. The earrings we need always have a way of coming to us in the end.

    10. Time flies when you're chasing high fashion.

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    11. Deconstructed necklaces are the new black.

    12. If you're not charmed by this bracelet, I can't help you.

    13. A Hogwarts should be treasured, a Hogwarts letter should be worn.

    14. Simply studding.

    15. You'll wish you turn back time so you could have owned these earrings sooner.

    16. Sorcerer meet stone. Sorcerer meet bling.

    17. It's pronounced YAAAASSSSSS GIRL, not yes girl.