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    15 Times Disney Villains Were Just Trying To Be Helpful

    Somebody needs to be the voice of reason around here.

    1. That time Hades was like look at your life, look at your choices.

    2. That time Malificent was like yo tiny human that's the edge of cliff, are you trying to get yourself killed?

    3. That time Scar was like yo Simba hold still you have fuzzies in your mane, lemme just get that for you.

    4. That time Jafar showed you how to go from drab to fab in a few simple steps!

    5. That time Yzma was trying to fortify the castle.

    6. That time Ursula exposed the unrealistic expectations of beauty for Atlanteans.

    7. And then considerately gave Ariel and Eric a lift to a less judgmental land.

    8. That time Shan Yu was just trying to conserve resources.

    9. That time Gaston showed you how to DIY antlers.

    10. That time Frollo helped everyone rule out science.

    11. That time Cruella was staging a much needed intervention for you.

    12. That time Doctor Facilier was planning the best surprise birthday party ever.

    13. That time where Captain Hook helped you perfect your Alan Rickman impression.

    14. That time Mother Gothel helpfully identified herself.

    15. That time the Evil Queen just wanted help Snow keep the doctor away.

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