13 Ways To Add More Tina Belcher To Your Life

Just because she’s fictional doesn’t mean you can’t put your arms around her.

1. For bad days:

2. For when you need to wear your heart on your sleeve:


3. Or just you know, all over:

4. For guaranteed seduction:

5. For when you need a reminder that you’re a smart sensual woman that’s going places.

6. For when you need a wallet that says if you rob me, I will come back with my crazy sister and my crazy brother and exact revenge:


7. For when you don’t have sweatbands of a famous boyband to accessorize with:

8. For when you need a PARENTS STAY OUT sign on your door:

9. For when you need the charm bomb to explode:

10. For when you need to keep your erotic friend fiction hidden:

11. For when you need a role model:

12. Or just a rosier outlook on life:

13. And finally, for when the thirst is too real:


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