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16 Struggles Every Budding Fashionista Knows To Be True

From bewildered looks to backhanded compliments about an outfit, we as growing lovers of fashion have learned to take such interactions in stride.

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1. "Your closet is so stuffed. I just throw out whatever I don't wear anymore."

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But...but what if pastel ponchos come back in style? How do you know I won't get another opportunity to wear my prom dress?? And you absolutely CANNOT expect me to part with my beloved denim vest!

4. "I'm way too lazy to put that much effort into my outfits every morning."

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Are you calling me a try-hard? I'll have you know it only took me ten minutes to pick an ensemble this morning....okay maybe 30... alright two hours. Don't judge me!


7. Buying something the second it hits the market.

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If you had waited a couple more months, then you could have gotten that set of patterned separates for a dramatically reduced price. Then again, what kind of trendsetter would you be if you didn't act immediately on your clothes-buying impulses?

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