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    10 Delicious Tomato Ice Cream Recipes

    Yeah, you heard me right. TOMATO ice cream. Funkilicious.

    1. Tomato Preserve Ice Cream

    Find the recipe here.

    2. Tomato Sorbet with Turkish Salt

    Just add a dash of Worcestershire sauce and some vodka and you've got yourself a boozy brunch sorbet! Find the recipe here.

    3. Basil Tomato Toasted Pine Nut Ice Cream

    Classic flavors in an unconventional form. Find the recipe here

    4. Tomato Rosemary Mint Ice Cream

    Find the recipe here.

    5. Ginger Tomato Ice Cream

    This Indian inspired ice cream with heat you up and cool you down. Find the recipe here.

    6. Green Tomato Marbled Goat Cheese Ice Cream

    Okay, goat cheese ice cream? It HAS to be good. Find the recipe here.

    7. Tomato-Raspberry-Lime Ice Cream

    8. Sweet and Sour Heirloom Tomato Ice Cream

    Find the recipe here.

    9. Balsamic Roasted Tomato-Basil Ice Cream

    Ricotta cheese, Madagascar vanilla bean, basil, and balsamic vinegar +tomatoes = the mother of all tomato ice cream recipes. Find the recipe here.

    10. Candied Bacon and Tomato Jam Ice Cream

    If all else fails, just add bacon to it! Amirite?! Get the recipe here.