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How BuzzFeed Thinks About Data Science

Welcome to our Data Science blog!

Dao Nguyen 5 years ago

Does Online Buzz Translate To Box Office Sales?

After all that chat about The Canyons...

BuzzFeedEntertainment 6 years ago

10 Logic Puzzles You Won't Be Able To Solve

These logic puzzles will ruin your weekend, distract you from your loved ones, and make you realize you aren't as smart as you think you are. Sorry.

Ky Harlin 6 years ago

Do You Live In A Dog Or Cat State?

Does your home state have a higher percentage of dog owners or cat owners? And how does it stack up to the rest of the nation? We crunched the data from the American Veterinary Medical Association's "U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook (2012)" to answer these questions.

Ky Harlin 6 years ago

The 10 Most Bizarre Correlations

One of the first things you learn in any statistics class is that correlation doesn't imply causation. Nonetheless, it's fun to consider the causal relationships one could infer from these correlations.

Ky Harlin 6 years ago


Named after the poet T.S., he is both cute and literary.

Ky Harlin 7 years ago