18 Things We’ve Learned From TLC

It used to be called “The Learning Channel” for a reason.

1. Your soul is a prisoner.

2. Butterfly kisses are a great way to show intimacy.

3. When shopping for your wedding dress, make sure it has pockets.

4. Shades add cool factor to any outfit.

5. Always trust a unicorn.

6. Always have fun with chop sticks.

7. Keep some things to yourself.

8. Always make an impression.

9. Love is love.

10. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

11. Don’t be afraid to put people in their place.

12. Honesty is the best policy.

13. Do not laugh at your enemies’ jokes.

14. Side eye is always neccesary.

15. Make sure your outfits can be worn more then once.

16. Don’t limit yourself to just one relationship.

17. Food is everything.

18. Be curious.

Knowledge is power!

BBC / Via tumblr.com

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