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10 Animated Movies That Gave Me Nightmares As A Kid

Now that I think about it, a lot of movies made for kids were actually quite disturbing. What were those directors thinking anyway, that just because its animated doesn't mean that its scary?

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1. Hellfire from the Hunchback of Notre Dame

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Those hooded figures and raging hell fires always terrified me!!

2. The Land Before Time II: Great Valley Adventure.

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There a a lot of disturbing things in this movie, but Ozzy's creepy ode to Eggs always gave me the shivers. I mean, he's talking about eating dinosaur babies. DINOSAUR BABIES!!

3. Lord of the Rings (1987)

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The Ringwraiths, enough said. Also the fact that Aragorn has no pants, but thats another list completely.

4. The NeverEnding Story

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When Artax dies. Oh my God I cannot describe how this awful scene made me feel when I first watched this. I think I actually turned it off after because it disturbed me so much. I ask again, WTF what were the writers thinking putting this in a kids movie?

5. The Brave Little Toaster

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That crazy ass dream that he had with the smoke, the clowns and the water. AHHHH so scary!!!!!!

6. Secret of NIMH

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The whole movie was rather creepy, but this scene depicting the terrors of laboratory testing always made me cringe!

7. The Last Rainforest

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Toxic Love by Hexxus always freaked me out. He's just creepy, nuff said.

8. Nightmare Before Christmas

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Before I realized that this is one of Tim Burton's most brilliant movies, I was totally creeped out by it.

9. The Little Mermaid

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Poor Unfortunate Souls always made me feel so sad, because they went to Ursala to be happy and all they got was misery.

10. The Prince of Egypt

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The plagues scene was so so scary!! Ahhhh!! The Angel of Death gave me nightmares for months and months!!

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