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    14 Reasons Why "Sex Education" Is Groundbreaking, Real, And Incredibly Necessary

    A (slightly) NSFW love letter to an instantly groundbreaking show.

    1. It shows that a person’s sex drive isn’t determined by their sex.

    2. It also shows that a person's sex drive and confidence are not indicated by how physically-developed they are.

    3. It reminds us that sexual orientation and attraction aren't choices.

    4. And that there are A LOT of healthy and creative outlets for sexual energy.

    5. It portrays sex as a basic human need that can be as fun, romantic, casual, or as purpose-driven as those involved need it to be.

    6. It shows that while masturbation is natural (and shouldn’t be something you’re ashamed of), it still doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

    7. You get to see a character actually follow through with an abortion.

    8. It habitually and consistently discusses the importance of consent in both sexual and non-sexual relationships.

    9. It demonstrates that communication, mutual support, and vulnerability are key elements in a healthy, long-term relationship.

    10. It promotes open sex dialogue between adults and youth.

    11. It also promotes open sex dialogue between partners.

    12. In this age of sexting (and other forms of social media), it discusses the pain that cyber-bullying can cause in both extreme and day-to-day ways.

    13. It demonstrates that those who love you the most, may not always know how to support you.

    14. And lastly, not necessarily sex-related... but it shows us that therapists are human beings.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Get to it!

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