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    16 Lush Products You'll Love If You're Too Lazy For Self-Care

    Self-care can be a lot harder than it sounds. Sometimes you just have to take a short-cut.


    1. Sleepy Face Solid Cleanser

    Instagram: @kittyvontastique / Via

    Sometimes cleaning your face and applying moisturizer is just too many steps. Cut out the middle man with this tiny chocolate-scented bar. Lavender oil and oat milk soothe sensitive skin but the base of almond oil, cocoa, shea and illipe butters gently cleanse and leave skin buttery soft.

    2. Grease Lightning

    Instagram: @once_upon_a_sophie / Via

    Can't even make it to the sink to rinse your face? This oily-skin powerhouse has got your back. Smooth this aloe vera and tea tree oil serum over your face to mattify the skin and soothe angry breakouts.

    3. Amazon Primer Solid Facial Oil

    Instagram: @sustainable_mee / Via

    Yes, even people who take the time to put on makeup can be lazy too! Knock out two steps at once with the moisturizing powers of andiroba oil and murumuru butter while mattifying and priming the skin with oil-slicking arrowroot powder.

    4. Breath of Fresh Air Toner

    Instagram: @beautybaublez / Via

    This was the product that inspired the entire list! Not only does it do everything, it literally does everything. You can use this as a toning spray, a before-makeup primer, an after-makeup setting spray, a during-the-day touch up – pretty much anything you want it to be, it can be. Sea water and seaweed cleanse the skin, rosemary oil tones, and rose absolute and aloe soften and calm the skin.

    5. Mint Julips Lip Scrub

    Instagram: @skin.freaks / Via

    The jojoba oil in this scrub provides deep and long-lasting moisture and the mint leaves your lips tasty and fresh. Best part? No messy clean-up. This scrub is made from castor sugar, so you could probably just lick off the excess when you're done.

    6. Creme de Menthe Mouthwash Tabs

    Instagram: @bathhabits_ / Via

    This may not seem like a lazy product at first, but they're a lifesaver for traveling. Just pop one of these tabs in your mouth, chew, add water and rinse and you'll have minty fresh breath in no time at all.


    1. Ceridwen's Cauldron

    Instagram: @carolineslush3 / Via

    Bath bombs are fun but who has time to clean up all that glitter? Sometimes you just want to hop right from the bath into bed. This cocoa butter and walnut oil bath melt dissolves into your bath water, leaving oats and flowers to soak in a muslin cloth, infusing your bath without making a mess. When you're done, just drain, toss, and off to bed with you!

    2. Perfume Wash Cards

    Instagram: @onelushtorulethemall / Via

    In a time crunch before a date? Just skip the perfume and cologne. Made from fruit pulp, these biodegradable wash cards lather up like a soap but leave behind a long-lasting fragrance. And at only $1.95 each, you can stock up on as many scents as you want.

    3. Scrubee Body Butter

    Instagram: @kiahchristinewoods / Via

    To some, the idea of exfoliating at all is over-achieving. But if you're that special breed of lazy over-achiever, Scrubee is your new bee-shaped best buddy. This stripey guy is full of ground almonds and coconut shell to make dead skin buzz off and honey and cocoa butter to deliver some sweet moisture to your skin.

    4. Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

    Instagram: @vanishaxn / Via

    Skip the post-shower lotion and just do it all at once! Lather up with this rose and argan oil blend, then rinse off for soft, glowing skin. All before you even turn the shower off.

    5. Ultrabalm All-Purpose Balm

    Instagram: @charlie_for_love / Via

    Nothing says "lazy" like multi-purpose. With just three ingredients (rose wax, candelilla wax, and jojoba oil) use this however works for you! Use it on hands and feet as a lotion, on lips as a balm, on hair as a styling wax, or anywhere that needs a little lazy love.

    6. Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

    Instagram: @what_tasha_made / Via

    A friend of mine used to call this "shower in a bottle." Sprinkle a little of this on and not only will you feel fresher and cleaner because of oil-absorbing cornstarch and kaolin clay, but the jasmine and vetiver scent will have you smelling like royalty.


    1. Avocado Co-Wash

    Instagram: @georgiaarey_ / Via

    Skip hair-washing day? As if. Just go for a chunk of avocado co-wash, a blend of nourishing fresh avocado and cider vinegar to give some shine to your brunch day locks.

    2. No Drought Dry Shampoo

    Instagram: @olibomb / Via

    Is a lazy product list complete without dry shampoo? Corn starch will help suck up all that extra oil while lemon, lime, and grapefruit oil make your 4-day-dirty hair smell like fresh, just-washed hair!

    3. Sea Spray Hair Mist

    Instagram: @lush_aholic / Via

    Who needs Guy Tang when you have this old trick? Style your hair quickly and effortlessly with this sea-salt powered mist. Voluminous, shiny, beachy waves faster than a trip to the boardwalk.

    4. R&B Hair Moisturizer

    Instagram: @princessblondielushie / Via

    Give your hair the one-two punch with some dry shampoo and a little R&B. Seriously, a little of this stuff goes a long way! When frizz and dry hair got you down, R&B has got your back.

    What's your favourite lazy Lush product? Leave it in the comments below!