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    Just 15 Times Edward's Sideburns Were Scene-Stealers In "The Twilight Saga"

    Twilight is back on Netflix, baby, and that means the burns are too.

    1. When he's straight up losing it the first time he sees (smells) Bella.

    Edward stares out of the corners of his eyes, looking mean and stoic

    2. When Bella dreams about how she'll get older than Edward.

    Edward and Bella stand outside in a field in front of a mirror, Edward, looking the same as always, but Bella appearing as an old lady

    3. When he and Bella are just watching a movie in class.

    Edward staring ahead, sideburns on full display, with Bella sitting next to him

    4. When he leaves Bella.

    Edward stands in the middle of the forest, staring blankly ahead

    5. When the Volturi are deciding his fate.

    Edward lying on the floor with pain in his eyes

    6. When he and Bella make compromises in the meadow.

    Edward looks into Bella's eyes, a slight smile on his face

    7. When he leaves to go hunt.

    Edward frowns as he stands in front of the forest

    8. When the Cullens are practicing their fighting for the new vampire army.

    Edward stands in the forest with a fierce expression on his face

    9. When he proposes.

    Edward purses his lips and looks ahead

    10. When he fights Victoria.

    11. When he and Bella get married.

    Edward and Bella stare into each other's eyes on their wedding day

    12. When Jacob worries that Edward will kill Bella with his d**k.

    Edward furrows his brows in anger at Jacob while Bella looks forward, pain in her eyes

    13. When he's being a drama queen.

    Edward stares ahead, concerned

    14. When he meets new vampire Bella.

    Edward furrows his brows angrily as he looks down at Bella.

    15. And finally, at the end (a plot twist).

    Edward opens his mouth slightly and knits his browns in concern