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    15 Signs You Are Obsessed With Crafting

    The world isn't safe from you and your DIY skills.

    1. You can't remember what life was like before you discovered DIY.

    Via 20th Century Fox / Paramount Pictures

    Such a terrifying thought. I can't even think about it.

    2. You yell at projects when they don't work.

    Via AMC

    This is you when your sewing machine sounds like it's about to eat you alive.

    3. You have a grand entrance at the craft store.

    Via WWE

    A different one for each location, too.

    4. You've also memorized each store's playlist.


    In fact, they asked your for input while developing it.

    5. You're the worst person to go shopping with.


    Friends try to show you potential purchases, but you already found it on Pinterest anyway.

    6. You're the first person that people call when something breaks. / Via

    Seriously, everyone thinks you can fix everything.

    7. You've cried while supply shopping.

    ABC / Via

    It's the only time you ever feel any sort of emotion.

    8. You always want to use your boyfriend's clothes for projects.

    Via Village Roadshow Pictures / VH1 Films /

    But that plaid button down was EXACTLY what you needed!

    9. You are made of glitter.


    And you aren't afraid to show it.

    10. You make craft store employees worry when you're gone for a few days. / Via

    "We thought something happened to you!"

    11. Your breakups have all been cause by your loyalty to DIY.

    Via Spyglass Entertainment /

    ~I'm not a player, I just craft a lot.~

    12. You feel like Martha Stewart more than Martha Stewart feels like Martha Stewart.

    Via NBC /

    Or at least that's what you tell yourself.

    13. You know how well crafting and wine go hand in hand.

    NBC / Via

    How else will you get through the next project?

    14. You already know you're going to be a crazy crafty cat lady.


    You've even already made sweaters for each and every one of your future cats.

    15. You wouldn't have it any other way.

    Via Warner Bros. /

    Makers gonna make!