21 Moments That Made You Fall In Love With Tim Riggins

    Texas forever? More like Tim Riggins forever.

    1. When he looked at Lyla like this.

    2. When he couldn't stay away.

    3. When Coach Taylor yelled at him and he looked like a little kid.

    4. When he went to visit Jason in the hospital.

    5. When he said this:

    *heart stops*

    6. When he gave Jason the game ball.

    7. When he was too thoughtful for his own good.

    8. When he wasn't too manly to get in a tickle fight.

    9. When he insisted Lyla go to Vanderbilt and follow her dreams.

    10. When he held a baby and all was right with the world.

    11. When he wasn't afraid to be a goofball.

    12. When he took Becky dress shopping.

    13. When he dressed up like this for the pep rally.

    14. When he was super excited about getting into college.

    15. When he kissed Lyla and it looked like this.

    16. When he fought for what he wanted.

    17. When he had to say good-bye and it looked like this.

    18. When he winked like this.

    19. When he confessed his friend love for Jason Street.

    20. When he smiled like this.

    21. And whenever he said this.