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18 Times Jack Falahee Mystified Us With His Perfection

A wonderful reason to start watching How To Get Away With Murder.

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This is Jack Falahee.

Rich Polk / Getty Images

If you didn't notice (but you obviously did) he's super hot.

Mark Davis / Getty Images

You might know him as Connor Walsh from How To Get Away With Murder.


1. He manages to make us wish we were an inanimate object every time he touches something.

You lucky mug, you.

2. He doesn't even need to include his full face for us to adore him.

If your chin is all I can have, I will gladly take it.

3. We love him because he gets blemishes just like ~real people~ do.

Even though he's a god among us.

4. He looks adorable even when he's squinting.

Oh are you blinded by the light? Because I am blinded by your beauty.

5. He can pull off a hairstyle that we didn't think anyone could pull off.

You look like a sexy cockatoo.

6. And his jawline is PERFECTION.

*pauses How To Get Away With Murder and stares*

7. He likes to take cute selfies even though he kinda outshines everyone.

Sorry, Frank. :/

8. Sometimes he hangs out with the whole HTGAWM gang in perfect winter attire.

9. On the show he says stuff like this and your forget how to breathe.

ABC / Via

What's my name?

Where am I?

10. Or he says this:



11. Even when he screws up he's adorable.

ABC / Via

You can't help but love him anyway.

12. And sometimes he lies on the floor with dead bodies.

ABC / Via

And you kinda wanted to be that dead body.

I mean... what?

13. He does this amazing little smirk.

ABC / Via

And you think to yourself, "Whatcha thinkin' about??"

And then you think to yourself, "I'm crazy."

14. Sometimes the TV gods grace us with his half-naked body.

ABC / Via

Yeah, that guy can't get his shirt off fast enough. Don't blame him, tbh.

15. And he makes sex faces that look LIKE THIS.

ABC / Via

Thank you, Shonda.

16. He looks at his love interest, Oliver, like he's a piece of meat.

ABC / Via

And you want to be that piece of meat.

17. Sure, he taunts people sometimes. But in a cute, playful way.


Well, we're all freaking out every time you're on screen.

18. He looks better in black than any other person on the planet.

ABC / Via

Seriously, I looked at pictures of everyone on the planet. It's confirmed.

Welcome to primetime TV and our hearts, Jack Falahee. NEVER LEAVE.


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