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    This School Has A Bench For Kids To Sit On When They Don't Have Anyone To Play With

    "Somebody will come find you and they'll include you in their game."

    When you're a kid, finding someone to play with can be hard. That's why the Willowgrove School in Saskatoon, Canada, just installed a new bench in their playground called the "buddy bench." Kids can sit on the bench when they'd like to be invited to play.

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    When 7-year-old student, Matthew Henkelman, was asked by CBCNews if he had used the buddy-bench before, he said he had. He said only took about "a minute" for other kids to ask him to join them on the playground.

    The kids at Willowgrove seem to love the buddy bench, as it provides them with a subtle way to let other kids know they need a friend.

    Once again, Canadians got this whole "friendly" thing down.

    H/T CBC News