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45 Women Who Look Perfect In Their Jeans

In those jeans.

1. Everyone has those days.

2. You know, when you just look so damn good in your jeans.

3. When they hug your body just right.

4. When they're the perfect color.

5. And ripped in all the right places.

6. Sometimes your jeans hit at just the right length.

7. And sometimes they start at just the right spot.

8. Your jeans can make you feel crazy comfortable.

9. Or crazy fierce.

10. An awesome pair of jeans has the power to lift your mood.

11. And make you feel like the glam goddess you are.

12. We all know how versatile jeans can be. You could look beautifully put together.

13. Or laid-back cool.

14. You might want to look easy and effortless.

15. Or chic as can be.

16. Do you have a favorite pair of jeans?

17. Ones that make you look like a superstar.

18. Or glow from within.

19. Your jeans can give you newfound confidence.

20. And make you feel ready for a night out.

21. Maybe you prefer a looser fit.

22. Or something tight and chic.

23. Whatever your style, your jeans should make you feel confident.

24. They should make you love every inch of your body.

25. You could rock a jean tuxedo.

26. Or go for that old hollywood glam.

27. Your jeans can make you feel drop dead gorgeous.

28. Or hip as can be.

29. When you feel good in your jeans, you'll turn heads.

30. You might keep it casual and preppy.

31. Or go for a more vintage look.

32. There might be room for two in your jeans.

33. There's no "right" way to rock a pair of jeans.

34. You don't have to have a certain style.

35. You don't have to be a certain height.

36. You don't have to be a certain size.

37. Your jeans get to be a reflection of you.

38. Of all your quirks.

39. And all your charms.

40. They show the world how you're ready to take on the day.

41. From your head down to your toes.

42. Your jeans are an extension of your personality...

43. Awesomely...

44. Beautifully...

45. You.