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    Kids Gave Advice On How To Talk To Someone You Like And It Was Friggin' Adorable

    "Tell her you have a real big interest in her."

    Dating is hard...and working up the courage to talk to someone you're ~into~ can be the toughest part. So, the folks over at Canoodle Content got some advice from kids on how to break the ice:

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    For starters, it's very important that you take a couple of deep breaths and de-stress before trying to spit any game.

    And then you'll need a smooth (or just like...generally not terrible) opening line.

    After that, you might as well confess your feelings. What do you have to lose?

    And of course, practice makes perfect. But even if they're not into it, don't be afraid of a little rejection – it happens to even the smoothest catz.

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