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    Posted on Apr 7, 2016

    This Sums Up How Much It Sucks To Date In L.A.

    "I live in Venice." *Runs away*

    For anyone living and *trying* to date in L.A., you know it's essentially purgatory:

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    Going to bars can feel like a total crapshoot.

    Especially when EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. you meet is in "the industry."

    OK, and like maybe you are too...but YOU'RE DIFFERENT, OK?!

    You'll definitely come across a couple actors who have "SAG-AFTRA" in their Tinder bio along with a couple of headshots.

    And some tech bros will filter down from the Bay Area.

    Obviously, they're like super cool and hip, though.

    And the biggest chemistry killer? When you find out someone you're into lives outside a five-mile radius of you.

    I think I'll stick to dating on the East Side, THX.