Gender-Swap The Goonies!

Your mission: replace the Goonies with a new team of Eighties misfits, while switching the gender for each role. You can do it! Goonies never say die!

1. Punky Brewster (as Mikey)

With her Cyndi Lauper style and plenty of heart, this Chicago orphan has what it takes to lead the team: Punky power.

2. Jo Polniaczek (as Brand)

Jo might not be an older sibling like Brand, but the toughest girl at Eastland Academy has plenty of experience managing ridiculous youths.

3. Darlene Conner (as Mouth)

Imagine the new and horrible ways Darlene would find to torture Rosalita the maid.

4. V.I.C.I. (as Data)

Vicky’s creator and Data’s dad have something in common: they both can say “You are my greatest invention” to their kid and be absolutely right.

5. Kimmy Gibbler (as Chunk)

Every group has that one obnoxious friend, and they don’t get much more annoying than Kimmy Gibbler. Of course, if the Fratellis threaten to put her stinky feet in the blender, they might get more than they bargained for.

6. Duckie Dale (as Stef)

Stef’s always been an odd duck, so for her replacement why not try a little tenderness with the ultimate best friend?

7. Carlton Banks (as Andy)

Preppy, prissy, Carlton absolutely doesn’t belong in an adventure full of gangsters and booby traps (and also, he’s from the Nineties). Still, it’s worth including him just to hear someone scream, “Carlton, you Goooooonie!!!!”

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