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The 13 Disney Characters Most Likely To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Sure, they're musical and magical, but who stands a chance against the walking Disney dead? We've ranked the most likely candidates by survivor potential.

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12. Dr. Wayne Szalinski

The Walt Disney Company / Via

Why he's #12: Zombies aren't so dangerous when you can shrink them to the size of an ant, but if the power goes out, so does the shrink ray.


11. Gaston

The Walt Disney Company / Via

Why he's #11: Good shot, big biceps, sturdy boots? All great qualities in a zombie hunter. Overconfident, narcissistic, and not too bright? Not so much.


1. The Genie

The Walt Disney Company / Via

Why he's #1: He just needs to find one survivor to *poof* wish it all away! During a zombie apocalypse, you ain't never had a friend like him.


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