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    13 Unique Places You Have To Eat And Drink At In Tokyo

    Blue ramen, tiny sushi, fried chicken, oh my!

    1. Sushiya No Nohachi — Asakusa

    2. Totti Candy Factory — Shibuya

    3. Comcrepe — Jiyugaoka

    4. Bar High Five — Ginza


    Ready for a drink AND a show? The bartenders here ask you questions to figure out your perfect drink and then treat you with an intricately hand-carved ice diamond for your cocktail. This bar consistently makes it onto lists of the best bars in the world, so it's not to be missed.

    5. Zauo — Shinjuku


    Sushi literally doesn't get any fresher than this. Zauo lets you fish for your own food in the middle of the restaurant. Your catch is then taken to the kitchen to be transformed into your meal. This takes DIY to the next level.

    6. Umakara Ramen Hyori — Chiyoda


    If you're visiting Tokyo, chances are you're planning on slurping some ramen. So why not go big with this MASSIVE one that weighs 6 kilos (that's over 13 pounds!)? If you manage to finish all these noods, the restaurant will actually pay you!

    7. Daily Chico — Nakano

    8. Kipposhi — Shibuya

    9. Naruto Kitchen, Shibuya

    10. Kit Kat Chocolatory — Ginza

    11. Cup Noodles Museum — Yokohama

    12. Tsuta Japanese Soba Noodles — Shibuya

    13. Harry Hedgehog Café — Shibuya

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