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13 Libraries Book Lovers Need To Follow On Instagram

Your timeline just got a whole lot more literary.

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1. The New York Public Library / Via

Aside from posting an aesthetically pleasing medley of bookish content, the NYPL's rise to Instagram fame comes from their delightful stories. Beginning with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the library has begun telling literary tales via Instagram stories in interactive and beautiful ways, which you can keep up with by following their official account.

2. The John Rylands Library

thejohnrylands / Via

Being an absolutely stunning library, it's no surprise that one of the biggest draws of the John Rylands' account are the reposts of its architecture and beauty. Located in Manchester, the library has a very ~ Hogwarts ~ vibe to it, so their account is sure to brighten up any Harry Potter fan's timeline.

3. University of Missouri Libraries

mizzoulibraries / Via

Anyone with a bookish sense of humor needs to follow this official account of the University of Missouri library system. They post plenty of funny library- and book-themed memes, as well as their own original captions over old texts. The combination results in the nerdiest of hilarity.

4. Provo City Library

provolibrary / Via

#BookFaceFriday has gained a lot of traction in the last few years and the Provo Library account has perfected it. They cleverly arrange book covers to line up with real people for the perfect mixture of literature and art. It might even inspire you to create your own photos!

5. The Starfield Library

starfield.library / Via

This library in Seoul, South Korea has been making the round on Instagram lately and it's easy to see why. Following their official account won't just give you access to snippets of talks and events they host, but also photos showcasing the unreal beauty of the library itself.

6. The Dam Librarian

thedamlibrarian / Via

Run by a librarian and archivist for the Delaware Art Museum, this account posts shots of vintage spines, covers, and even art from volumes within the DAM library and archives. The result is a mesmerizing grid of book porn that you could spend hours scrolling through.

7. Library Lucy

ncclibrarylucy / Via

Hailing from North Central College's Oesterle Library, Lucy is an adorable rogue cat that has her very own bookish Instagram. Lucy hangs out at the library, so you'll find plenty of photos of her curled up with a good book or slinking through the stacks. What's better than cats + books?

8. The George Peabody Library

georgepeabodylibrary / Via

While still a part of the library system at Johns Hopkins University, this remarkable library is also one of Baltimore's premiere wedding venues! The official account occasionally posts stunning snaps like this one, but also displays the library decked out for weddings — perfect if you're planning your own bookish wedding.

9. The British Library

britishlibrary / Via

The British Library's account is an interesting hodgepodge of literary content, but one of their most unique aspects is the recent addition of quotes and interviews with curators and librarians. For anyone interested in the life of a librarian, this is an account to follow.

10. Worcester Public Library

worcesterpubliclibrary / Via

The Worcester Public Library in Massachusetts has one of liveliest Instagram accounts of them all. Filled with colorful, quotes from prominent authors and literary figures, questions to initiate discussion amongst book lovers (think: "what was the worst movie/TV adaption of a book"), and even hilarious memes that any library regular will enjoy.

11. Old Book Librarian

oldbooklibrarian / Via

Not technically a library account, but Daniel, the mastermind behind Old Book Librarian, posts drawings and excerpts from rare and old books, often with hilariously modern captions. (This one says, "Me waking up to my alarm on a Monday morning"). The posts are always delightfully weird and obscure, so if you're into that kind of thing, this librarian is for you.

12. Smithsonian Libraries

silibraries / Via

This account spans all 21 of the Smithsonian Institute's libraries and research centers so it has content for everyone. You'll find interesting bookish finds, gorgeous rare art, behind the scenes content, and more. Captions are always detailed, so you'll feel like you learned a little something each day.

13. Little Free Library

littlefreelibrary / Via

Little Free Library is a movement of — as the name suggests — little free libraries that has grown across the globe. These adorable mini libraries have been spotted everywhere, offering the gift of reading to anyone and everyone! Their official Instagram account posts pictures of libraries from around the world in all different shapes, sizes, and designs. You might even be inspired to build your own!

This article is part of a series of stories celebrating libraries and free access to information.

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