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    52 Podcasts For Every Type Of Book Lover

    Podcasts: books for your ears!

    1. Overdue


    Overdue is a podcast all about reading those books that — let's be honest — you definitely should have read by now. Whether it's a recent bestseller like Children of Blood and Bone or a classic like Dante's Inferno, you'll finally feel at least like you can scratch these off your TBR list.

    2. Novel Pairings

    Novel Pairings

    If you've ever wanted to read the classics but didn't know where to start, the hosts at Novel Pairings have got you covered. Every episode, they discuss a classic book, such as Jane Eyre, and make it relatable and fun. Then, they'll suggest modern books with the same ~vibe~ for you to check out!

    3. JK, It's Magic

    JK, It's Magic

    Hosts Jessie and Kelly met in a library (how on brand!) and discovered a shared love of all things fantasy, leading to JK, It's Magic being born! Every other week, they cover a different YA fantasy novel, reviewing it through the eyes of lifelong fantasy-lovers and with an emphasis on intersectional feminism. If YA, fantasy, and inclusivity are your jam, then this podcast is your slice of toast.

    4. Tales to Terrify

    Tales to Terrify

    Get a first look (er, listen) to some up-and-coming horror stories with Tales to Terrify. Writers submit their stories to be read by narrators for an experience that will both terrify and entertain. Step aside werewolves and clowns, these stories are here to push the boundaries of the horror genre itself.

    5. Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

    Heaving Bosoms

    As the name suggestions, this podcast is alllll about steamy romance novels. Hosts Erin and Melody live across the country from each other, but enjoying a saucy book is what brings them – and now you! — together. Join them as they giggle their way through books that'll have you breaking out the smelling salts, whether it's historical fic or a modern love story.

    6. Comic Book Couples Counseling

    @karen_xmenfan / Via Twitter: @karen_xmenfan

    Real-life married couple Brad and Lisa take two of their passions — marriage and comic books — and smash them together in this hilariously heartfelt podcast. Every episode, they'll explore the highs and lows of different comic book couples from the "will they, or won't theys" to canon lovebirds everyone roots for. Will studying these couples improve their own marriage? I guess we'll find out!

    7. Two Book Bitches

    Two Book Bitches

    Cass and Kat are two twenty-somethings who love to read, and then usually bitch, about the latest books. Join them every episode where they'll discuss their latest read, covering everything from a review to their own fancasting of the characters. Basically, this podcast will actually feel like Three Book Bitches once you're listening to your new bookish BFFs.

    8. Professional Book Nerds

    OverDrive, Inc

    Professional Book Nerds (or PBNs) Jill and Adam are not only staff librarians at OverDrive (aka an app for ebooks and audiobooks available through the public library), but also the hosts of this literary podcast that covers all things bookish. They'll recommend the latest releases and share some of the best OverDrive has to offer, all interspersed with some good old fashioned book banter.

    9. The Stacks


    Join Traci and her weekly guests as they chat all things books in this two-part podcast. In the first episode, Traci's guest will discuss reading habits, favorite (and least favorite) books, and more; then, in episode two, they'll discuss a book club pick — chosen well in advance so you can read along! Guests vary from actors to authors to publishing professionals so every episode feels completely new.

    10. SFF Yeah!

    Book Riot

    A podcast from Book Riot dedicated to all things Science Fiction and Fantasy, from space ships to dragons to robots to witches. Hosts Sharifeh and Jenn discuss the latest releases, recommend their faves, and start conversations around trends, diversity, and adaptations within the genres.

    11. Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

    Not Sorry Productions

    Ever wish you could have taken an English class that just focused on Harry Potter? Well, this podcast is basically just that. Every episode focuses on a different chapter of the books and a corresponding "theme." The text is then closely analyzed and read through the lens of that theme, along with messages from fans. Don't worry — no pop quizzes or essays due here.

    12. Big Gay Fiction Podcast

    Frolic Podcast Network

    Welcome to your weekly roundup of gay romance fiction, hosted by husbands Will and Jeff. Get book recommendations, interviews with buzzy authors, and discourse on everything happening in gay pop culture at the moment. They read each book they recommend so you know you're in for a curated (and ever-growing) TBR pile.

    13. You're Booked

    You're Booked

    Ever wanted to know what books your favorite author has lining their shelves? Hosted by Daisy Buchanan (the perfect bookish name), this podcast is all about snooping into the reading habits of authors like Taylor Jenkins Reid and Sophie Kinsella. Daisy investigates what book started them on their reading journey, the books they borrowed and never returned, and the literary classics they pretend to love (but secretly haven't finished).

    14. The Baby-Sitters Club Club

    The Baby-Sitters Club Club

    If you grew up on the epic that is The Baby-Sitters Club, then this podcast is calling your name. Every episode, Tanner and and Jack cover a different installment of the famed series along with witty commentary and the occasional special guest (they recently had the stars of the Netflix adaptation come on!).

    15. Medieval Death Trip

    Medieval Death Trip

    Writer and teacher Patrick Lane explores the weird and interesting in medieval literature — and, wow, there is a lot of it. From curious experiences to murder to completely unique creatures, each passage read on this podcast takes you on a wild ride. Patrick also frames the text with some commentary and history so you can learn a bit about these ancient texts.

    16. Read or Dead

    Book Riot

    Turn on the lights and your phone, because Read or Dead is taking you on a spooky journey through mysteries and thrillers. Twice a month, hosts Rincey and Katie explore pop culture updates, new releases, and recommendations both new and old from a wide array of books within the genres.

    17. Selected Shorts

    Symphony Space

    Sometimes you just need a story read to you. And sometimes you need a story read to you by a celebrity. That's where Selected Shorts comes in! Every week they have different guests like Paul Giamatti and Cynthia Nixon narrate short stories or excerpts sure to give you a small dose of literary happiness.

    18. A Galaxy Not So Far Away

    Rebecca Ann

    Brought to you by the folks at the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in San Diego, this hodgepodge podcast covers everything from book releases to recommendations to store events. They discuss a wide array of genres so if you're someone whose taste varies, this is perfect for you. The best part? They update super frequently so you'll always have content just waiting to be binged!

    19. The Slowdown

    The Slowdown

    Every weekday (yes, we said every), join host Tracy as she delivers poetry straight to your ears. These bite-sized poetic delights are the perfect thing to devour while enjoying your morning coffee or simply brushing your teeth at night. This is the perfect podcast to introduce a poetry novice to the genre, or for poetry experts to just get their daily dose.

    20. Celebrity Book Club

    Molly Coyne

    Dive into the world of celeb memoirs with this weekly podcast that focuses on everything pop culture. Hosts Carrie and Kara read memoirs from faves like JVN, Carrie Fisher, and Shonda Rhimes and let you know if it's worth picking up yourself.

    21. The Maris Review

    The Maris Review

    Join Maris Kreizman as she interviews authors on not only their own books, but the books they love, the TV and movies they watch, and the music they listen to — all things that influence their writing style in different ways. Oh, and expect a little silliness within the literary wisdom.

    22. Get Booked

    Riot New Media Group

    Get Booked is a podcast from Book Riot, where listeners can ask for book recommendations based on...really anything! Maybe you’re headed to Paris for vacation and want a book set there, or you just read Crazy Rich Asians and need a read-alike STAT, or you’re going through a breakup and need something to help you through it. No matter the question, hosts Amanda and Jenn have got recs for you. Plus, they try to actually read the books before recommending them, so you know you’re getting something good.

    23. Fictional


    This podcast takes classic literature (think Frankenstein and The Count of Monte Cristo) and retells them in a modern and relatable way. So whether you never got around to reading these in high school or you’re a classics junkie who wants a refresher, this podcast is for you. Bonus: At the end of each episode, the host will tell you about a hilariously cringeworthy supervillain from old comic books!

    24. By the Book


    In this podcast, hosts Kristen and Jolenta pick a different self-help book each episode and quite literally “live by the book.” They spend two weeks living by the book’s rules, and then see how it changed their lives...for better or for worse. *cough* French Women Don’t Get Fat *cough* After each episode, they revisit the book to answer fan questions and hear from other people who lived by the book.

    25. So Many Damn Books

    So Many Damn Books

    For bibliophiles who enjoy a good drink, there’s So Many Damn Books. Hosts Christopher and Drew chat books, interview authors, and always offer a book- or guest-themed cocktail to sip while you listen. Not only will you get some great recs for your growing TBR, but you’ll have fun listening in on this bookish party.

    26. Binge Mode: Harry Potter

    Binge Mode / The Ringer

    This podcast from the Ringer started off as a lead-up to the much-anticipated Season 7 of Game of Thrones, but with its success came a follow-up: Harry Potter! In this series, hosts Mallory and Jason cover each book thoroughly, chapter by chapter. They also cover each movie, and a few fun extras, like the history of Quidditch. Any Potterhead will appreciate their extensive knowledge of the universe and the unique sense of humor they bring to talking about it.

    27. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

    Smart Bitches Trashy Books

    This one goes out to all of the romance lovers. This witty podcast covers all things romance with host Sarah interviewing authors, publishers, and more people involved in the romance genre industry. Plus, she recommends books she’s currently reading and chats about the pitfalls and stigma surrounding the genre.

    28. Black Chick Lit

    Black Chick Lit

    In this podcast, two black women — Mollie and Dani — discuss books written by black women. You’ll find a wide array of genres here, from YA (The Hate U Give) to nonfiction (Hunger). Listen in as they dissect the novel, talk about the author, and drink just a little too much wine.

    29. Getting Into Comics

    Getting Into Comics

    With the world of comic books being as widespread and complex as it is, it can be intimidating for someone just starting out to know where to begin. Enter Tim, who uses this podcast to help comic book newcomers ease their way in. He’ll explain terms, share ideas on where to get started, and even break down stories so you can find one that’s right for you!

    30. Hey YA

    Riot New Media, Inc.

    Hey YA (also from Book Riot) is hosted by two adults with a passion for young adult lit. Eric and Kelly spend each episode covering what’s new and exciting in the YA world, from new releases, movie adaptations coming to the screen, and what they’ve personally been reading lately. They also discuss authors they’d like to see cross over to YA lit, common issues in the YA world, and what exactly makes a book YA.

    31. The New Yorker: Fiction

    Condé Nast

    Running since 2007 — yes, you read that right! Podcasts are really that old — this podcast features a different renowned author each month. They choose a favorite story from the magazine’s fiction section, read it aloud, and discuss it with fiction editor Deborah Treisman. This one will definitely be thought-provoking, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for something that will really stimulate your brain without adding to your TBR.

    32. Books & Boba

    Books & Boba

    If you’re looking to add some Asian and Asian American authors to your reading queue, this podcast will be your savior. Hosts Reera and Marvin talk books they’re currently reading, interview authors, and discuss news and updates in the Asian and Asian American publishing world. You’ll find a wide range of genres here, from memoirs to YA to picture books.

    33. Drunk Booksellers

    Drunk Booksellers

    Here's another podcast for those booklovers who like to sip while they read. In this podcast, Emma and Kim interview fellow booksellers around America, talking favorite books and the industry in general — while sipping on literary-themed drinks, of course.

    34. Tales

    Cutler Media

    Think fairy tales are all princesses and true love? Tales will show you otherwise. Every week, host Vanessa tells a classic fairy tale the way they were originally written — dark undertones and adult themes included. You’ll learn about the origins and cultural relevance of these tales while getting to hear the story firsthand from Vanessa herself.

    35. Book Club for Masochists

    Book Club For Masochists

    In an effort to be better librarians, this group tackles books they hate from randomly selected genres. Think nonfiction travel books, legal thrillers, and supernatural and paranormal fiction. They discuss their reactions, as well as other topics, like book tracking, rereads, and reading resolutions.

    36. What Should I Read Next?


    If you find yourself asking that very question, then Anne’s podcast can help you! Anne chats with real-life people, discovering their likes and dislikes, and then recommends real books to them. As a self-proclaimed “modern Mrs. Darcy,” you can be sure your TBR is in good hands with Anne.

    37. Literary Disco

    Literary Disco

    Join Julia, Tod, and Rider (as in Rider Strong, of Boy Meets World fame) as they talk favorite books, books they’re reading, and a myriad of other things longtime friends who happen to be book nerds talk about. They also sometimes bring in authors, who choose their favorite book and discuss with the hosts. They cover a wide range of genres, from YA to plays to nonfiction, so you’ll find something you like no matter your style.

    38. 33% Pulp

    33% Pulp

    In this podcast, hosts Linzi, Amber, and Daniel read classic pulp novels...only they don’t read the entire thing. Instead, each host is randomly assigned one-third of the novel and they each recap their portion for the others. If you’re a fan of pulp and/or hilarious hijinks that ensue from only reading a portion of a book, then this is the podcast for you.

    39. Ink to Film

    Ink to Film

    Whether you’re a fan of screen adaptations of books or not, you’ll enjoy listening to writer Luke and filmmaker James discuss the topic. Each episode, they read a book and then watch the film or show adaptation. Then they review from their unique points of view.

    40. 3 Book Girls

    3 Book Girls

    Every week you can sit in on a group of extreme booklovers as they discuss what they’ve been reading, along with witty (and sometimes inappropriate) comments. Listening to 3 Book Girls is like throwing a bookish slumber party with your closest friends.

    41. AAWW Radio


    Coming from the Asian American Writers’ Workshop, this podcast provides audio from the workshop’s literary events, where they feature and discuss popular and emerging Asian American authors. They’ll discuss new works of literature, common topics across Asian American literature, and more.

    42. The Worst Bestsellers

    Kitty of Bitches Get Riches

    Meet Kait and Renata: They “read stuff so you don’t have to.” They (plus a guest) spend each episode discussing popular books and questioning how and why they became popular. Yes, they do cover Twilight. While Kait and Renata do joke about the books they read, they don’t judge anyone for their literary tastes. At least, not too harshly.

    43. Bookworm


    Hosts Joe and Mike spend two weeks reading various self-help books and then discuss how they can apply these to their real lives. A few books they’ve covered: The Power of a Positive No, The Artist’s Way, and How to Win Friends and Influence People. They also have an online group where you can talk with other fans about how they’ve incorporated these books into their lives.

    44. Books on the Nightstand

    Books on the Nightstand

    Although this podcast recently ended, it still has 390 amazing episodes available for audio binging! Michael and Ann, who both work in the publishing industry, spend each episode discussing books on their nightstands and recommend new or recently published novels they’re excited about. You’ll probably want to clear some space on your own nightstand for some of their recommendations.

    45. Reading Women

    Reading Women

    Women’s lit is often disregarded as “fluff,” but Kendra and Autumn are here to reclaim their half of the shelf. Each month, they read books by women of all backgrounds from a different selected theme or topic. Then they discuss à la book club style.

    46. LeVar Burton Reads

    Midroll Media

    Let one of the world’s greatest storytellers take you away as LeVar himself chooses short fiction to read aloud every episode. You’ll find stories from authors like Nnedi Okorafor, Neil Gaiman, Ursula K. Le Guin, and more. Most episodes are under an hour, so you can enjoy them during your commute or just when you need a little break from life to let LeVar’s soothing voice read you a story.

    47. Between the Covers


    In this podcast, host David interviews prominent and emerging contemporary authors. His approach is always thought-provoking, interesting, and sure to allow you to dive deep into the author’s mind as David himself learns more about the person behind some of your new favorite books. A couple notable recent interviews include Celeste Ng and Carmen Maria Machado.

    48. Not Now, I'm Reading

    Not Now, I'm Reading

    If your reading taste varies across a sea of different genres, then you’ll love the hosts of Not Now, I’m Reading. Kay and Chelsea read everything from comic books to fantasy, to romance, to crime, and they want to discuss it all with you. Each episode they’ll discuss what they’re reading (and occasionally watching) in a fun and positive atmosphere.

    49. Can't Lit

    Poetry Is Dead Media

    Resident Canadians Dina and Jen discuss all things Canada and literature — sometimes both at the same time! They talk with authors, discuss topics like the publishing world and the importance of libraries, and so much more. This is the perfect podcast if you’re looking for literature with a side of real life.

    50. Major Spoilers

    Major Spoilers

    Love comics? So do Bryan, Rodrigo, and Stephen. So in each episode of Major Spoilers, they cover comic book news, review new titles, and sometimes dive into the general world of comic book pop culture. That means movies, shows, etc. Whether you’re new to the comic book world or a total expert, you’ll find something to love.

    51. The Poetry Gods

    Jess X. Chen

    Hosted by three poets — Aziza, José, and Jon — this podcast interviews different poets about their work and lives. And listen, this is NOT your college’s poetry class. Even if you’re not a poetry fan, this podcast makes the discussion lively, funny, and unpretentious. You’ll learn about new, emerging poets, listen to some original works, and discover more about the craft.

    52. The Bookstore

    Awkwardly Social Media

    Becca and Corinne are reading all the latest books for you. Their archives are filled with notable new releases, such as Swing Time, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, Heart Berries, and Children of Blood and Bone. They also discuss literary scandals and gossip, as well as fun topics, like bookish lifestyles and what “genres” really means.