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    This Giant Potato Airbnb Has Me Hopping On The Next Flight To Idaho

    Unfortunately the house is not filled with mashed potatoes.

    We've all dreamt of living inside a house made of our favorite food, right? Well for hardcore potato fans, your wish is about to come true (kind of).

    Because now you can rent a 6-ton potato on Airbnb for only $200 per night (excluding taxes and fees).

    Otto Kitsinger / AP

    OK, so it's not actually made of potatoes but let's be real: that would be pretty impractical anyway.

    According to Detroit Free Press, the potato structure was created in honor of the Idaho Potato Commission's 75th anniversary, but it was recently converted into a tiny home that you can actually sleep in.


    Located in South Boise, the spud-shaped home sits on 400 acres of Idaho farmland so you can ~veg out~ and enjoy the peace and quiet.

    Much like a potato, it's unassuming and simple from the outside...


    ...but delicious and amazing on the inside!

    Otto Kitsinger / AP

    I mean look at those pink chairs and minimalist shelving...what is this, a West Elm?

    And yes, this potato does come with a working bathroom.


    The bathroom is inside a silo located right next to the potato. (There's a sentence you don't hear every day).

    It also has a kitchenette and a working fireplace!


    It doesn't have Wi-Fi or a TV, but it does have AC, so consider this your ultimate summertime technology detox. Honestly who gave this potato the right to be so chic???

    The home sleeps up to two, so grab your potato-loving pal and head to Boise! Don't forget to stop for some fries on the way.