21 Funny Book Tweets From March That Are Worth Putting Down Your Book For

    Because you spend more time reading Twitter than books, let's be honest.

    Hello!! I love books and I love Twitter, therefore I happen to love Book Twitter! That means I see a lot of hilarious book-themed tweets and really want to share them with you. So if you also found this list funny, be sure to follow the original authors on Twitter to brighten up your feed! Enjoy! :)


    Twitter: @CSMFHT


    Can you fucking imagine Amelia Bedelia as a roommate ?

    Twitter: @dabbling_as_dad


    I can't fuck with fantasy books if they don't have a map at the front

    Twitter: @nyquills


    Twitter: @christineexists


    The existence of Macbeth implies the existence of Macmeg, Macjo, and Macamy

    Twitter: @SparkNotes


    I’m personally offended whenever I’m reading a book and it has no murders in it. “but love stories are what sells—” you know what people love? a good murder

    Twitter: @SketchesbyBoze


    Twitter: @spinubzilla


    “i read this book you recommended” is a love language

    Twitter: @lastpages_


    Bookstores: as soon as I'm fully vaccinated, I'm coming for your hot asses.

    Twitter: @erinlarosalit


    New Adult implies the existence of Used Adult

    Twitter: @lanewriteswords


    People who love reading Harry Potter would hate actually going to Hogwart’s. It’s four years of science and gym. Harry Potter has never written a poem.

    Twitter: @JenAshleyWright


    sad emotionally unstable bookworms be like “it’s my comfort book!” and it’s one of these

    Twitter: @judewillemst


    My child just pointed to an em dash in her book and said “what is that?” and HERE WE GO I’ve been preparing for this moment my whole life

    Twitter: @MelissaBowers_


    status: ○ single ○ taken ● reading romance novels

    Twitter: @thebookvoyagers


    Twitter: @blktinabelcher


    You are dead in a mysterious boating accident on the lake. He is taking me to Manderley. We are not the same

    Twitter: @merrittk


    Overheard from a woman on the phone today: 'Hey, what's the book club book for tonight?' Godspeed, you absolute maniac.

    Twitter: @samuel_mcqueen


    hulu: we’re developing ACOTAR! the book community:

    Twitter: @joelrochesterr


    no YOU live in a society. i live in a hole in the ground. not a nasty, dirty, wet hole full of worms and oozy smells. this was a hobbit-hole and that means good food, a warm hearth, and all the comforts of home.

    Twitter: @fooloffatook


    i know mfs were giggling in the trojan horse like omgg thalpius stop ittt ur gonna get us in troubleee

    Twitter: @fuIImetaIdipsht

    21. And finally...SAME!!!!

    I'm Not Ignoring You, I'm Overwhelmed: A Memoir