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    19 Genius Ways To Eat Dessert For Breakfast

    Talk about a good morning.

    1. Vegan Apple Crisp

    Happygut / Via

    2. Raspberry Nutella Danish

    Crazy For Crust / Via

    3. Banana Bread Doughnuts

    Cook It Up Paleo / Via

    4. Cinnamon Roll Pull Apart Bread

    Kleinworth & Co / Via

    5. Paleo Double Chocolate Chip Muffins

    24 Carrot Kitchen / Via

    6. Nutty Chocolate Energy Balls

    Baking Ginger / Via

    7. Dutch Baby Pancake

    Knead Bake Cook / Via

    8. Earl Grey Mini Scones with Rose and Lavender Icing

    Pinch Me I'm Eating / Via

    9. Chocolate Banana Crumble Cake

    Jocelyn Brubaker / Via

    10. Mini Orange Cranberry Muffins

    Light Orange Bean / Via

    11. Baked Doughnut Delights

    Sugar Loves Spice / Via

    12. Jammy Thumbprint Scone Bites

    The Merchant Baker / Via

    13. Healthy Breakfast Cookies

    Bless This Mess Please / Via

    14. Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Rolls

    Cookies For England / Via

    15. Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Baked Red Velvet Donut

    Flippin' Delicious / Via

    16. Gluten-Free Quinoa Breakfast Bars

    Bless Her Heart Y'all / Via

    17. Chocolate Tahini Cookies

    Win Win Food / Via

    18. Cinnamon Raisin French Toast Bites

    19. Raspberry Banana Overnight French Toast

    Pretty Plain Janes / Via