13 Reasons Ryan Gosling Isn't That Great

He's beautiful, he saves women from being run over and stops fights on the street. For many, Ryan Gosling is a Canadian real-life superhero. But all beauty hides evil.

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4. He's deceptive. He always makes sure he gets snapped eating apples, when all he really eats is candy.

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Hi Chews, Nerd Ropes, Haribos - he told Esquire how much he loves candy. He's a slob.

6. He's pretentious. He's one of those annoying people who doesn't need glasses but wears them sometimes to look cool.

10. He thinks he's a musician. His songs aren't great. Just stick to acting.

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This song contains the line: "But the women think I'm ugly / They care not for hearts of gold." So he thinks he's ugly but is really nice. EGO.

11. He steals people's thunder. The Place Beyond The Pines was all about Bradley Cooper acting amazingly - yet Gosling got all the media attention

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