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There are giant 10ft high whiskey glasses all over NYC and LA promoting the final season of Mad Men. Time to tie one on for the big send off of TV's greatest show.

A M L 5 years ago

Life Or Death ELECTION: Snake Or Mouse

At, visitors see a live webcam of a terrarium that’s divided into two sections, one housing a hungry snake and the other a small mouse. Between now and Election Day, visitors can register to cast votes to "Feed the Snake" or "Free the Mouse". Hmmmm.

A M L 7 years ago

400-pound Sumo Wrestler Sets Record for Heaviest Person to Finish a Marathon

A 400-pound sumo wrestler made history Sunday becoming the heaviest person to finish a marathon. Kelly Gneiting, 40, grabbed a Guinness World Record at the Los Angeles Marathon after he plodded across the finish line drenched in rain and with a time of 9:48:52. "I did it, but it was hell. Pure hell," Gneiting told the Los Angeles Times.

A M L 8 years ago

The Bacon Lombardi is "God-Like"

Your Superbowl party sucked on SO many levels. For starters, you didn't have one of these...

A M L 9 years ago


Meet Kelly. He's a trucker from Idaho who hauls potatoes across the central Midwest. He's also a 430lb, 3x US Sumo Heavyweight champion. He's also about to attempt to run a marathon.

A M L 10 years ago