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    22 Of The Craziest Men's Underwear Designs

    I went looking for hot man candy book covers for a blog article I am working on and got sidetracked by a few elephants, c-strings and eco-wood friendly underwear images. Interesting mix of something for every man.

    1. The Pink Elephant

    Glad grandma can knit! Nothing like a drunk trip to the zoo?

    2. The Franks & Beans Ziplock


    This zip lock might cause some frank and beans drama if zipped up to fast.

    This high-tech zip lock bag (undies) made me think of Franks-and-Beans scene from the movie "There's Something About Mary" Starring Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz.

    Mary's Step-Father: "Oh man! How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

    3. The Palm Tree

    A day at the beach.

    4. The It's so cute? Every guy wants to hear that...right?

    5. The Hybrid / Via

    Can be enjoyed as a swimsuit & underwear. Interesting tan lines....

    6. The Eco - Got Wood?

    Woodiees / Via

    Eco friendly and made from eucalyptus fibre. The Woodies web site says "Woodiees are made out of eucalyptus fiber from a fabric called Tencel. Tencel is free of any chemical sprays such as pesticides or insecticides and provides extreme comfort while being incredibly durable. Woodiees come in three styles -- boxer, boxer briefs and briefs."

    7. The Clown 2

    Just admit want to know what happens when you tweak his nose.

    8. The 3D Junk / Via

    Coming at you in 3D!

    9. The Power Sock / Via Male Power Male Power Extreme Front Ring Power Sock

    10. The Xbox (For ladies that feel like xBox gaming widows)


    Nothing says "Hold me like you hold that Xbox controller" like this bra. If you feel like an Xbox widow..this bra might do the trick. Get played again ladies ;)

    11. The "I'm hung like a circus elephant"

    12. The Heart

    I got a heart-on from these.

    13. The Vending Machine

    I wonder if I can get a bag of chips and a diet soda close by?

    14. The Willy? / Via ebay

    15. The C-String / Via

    Who needs a g-string when you are rock a c-string?

    16. The Putter Cover

    Perfect gift for golf lovers.

    17. The Rave

    The ad says "This is a great brief for the club or rave, and also works great for sports or working out, especially in warm weather, as the net fabric allows for air flow."

    18. The Patriot - Wave a flag

    Neptio / Via USA Flag Stars and Stripes G-S

    The site says "for men by Neptio ® that is un-lined, and doubles as underwear and a swimsuit."


    20. The Wishful Thinking

    21. The Rocker

    Perfect for the rock star wanna be who likes to showcase his mic or mic stand.

    22. The Clown 2

    Send in the clowns. This is the kind of stuff nightmares are made of.

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