21 Questions Greek People Are Sick Of Answering

Stop. Just stop.

1. Do you worship Zeus?

2. Wait, like Greek as in Sorority/Fraternity life? ME TOO!

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3. Is your life exactly like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”?

4. What is the Mati?

The Mati? Oh that’s just what i’m currently giving to you.

5. How do you pronounce your last name?

6. What’s up with all the riots in Greece?

7. Does your family own a restaurant?

9. Can you help me with my philosophy homework?

10. Do you use a lot of Windex?

11. Are you always this loud?

12. How many cousins do you have?

13. Do you have to marry another Greek?

14. Are you related to every Greek?

Well, seeing as you just asked me If i have to marry another Greek…

15. Did you know that John Stamos is also Greek?

16. Why is Greek food the same thing as Lebanese food?

Do you have taste buds? Are you blind?

17. Are you really hairy?

18. Why do you guys get your own Easter?

19. Does your house resemble the Parthenon?

20. Do you sleep around a lot?

21. Are you going to get a nose job?

Are you going to get a…er…brain job?

But even after the frustration, one thing is for certain:

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