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This UC Berkeley Student Is Running The Most Elaborate Student Body Presidential Campaign

“We need salami cones. They’re so delicious.”

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Pierre Bourbonnais is running for student body president at the University of California, Berkeley and, quite frankly, his campaign is cray.

Pierre Bourbonnais / Via Facebook: pierrebourbonnais

His party is the newly formed, which distinctly knows the most pressing issues college students care about.

Bearfeed / Via

He has a looooong list of quasi-satirical but mostly real platforms. Not the least of these is a major music festival headlined by Miley Cyrus, Gaga, or Beyoncé.

Bearfeed / Via

Bourbonnais told BuzzFeed the highlight of his 17 platforms is the Winter Formal he's proposing, complete with ice sculptures, a chocolate fountain, and a cake that will feed 6,000 people.

A cake that feeds 6,000? Not a half-baked plan at all.
Guinness World Records

A cake that feeds 6,000? Not a half-baked plan at all.

He also wants to lower the constitutional drinking age to 18.

Focus Features / Via

Good luck with that one, buddy.

Oh, and he plans on building a small ferris wheel on campus.


Hopefully it's more successful than this one.

His campaign website goes into further details in regards to all 17 platforms.

But Bourbonnais isn't all jokes; he's kind of the real deal too. By his sophomore year, he founded The Berkeley Forum, which hosts events and brings speakers to the school.

The Berkeley Forum / Via

He also told BuzzFeed he plans on streamlining the school's website to help improve efficiency in serving undergraduate students as well as "bolstering police presence to crackdown on bike thefts and violent crime" around campus.

Pierre Bourbonnais / Via

A fellow student told BuzzFeed, "Most people are passing him off as a farce, but he's gathered significant support within the student body."

MTV / Via

He's set his sights high, but he seems ambitious. Best of luck to you, kid.

Bearfeed / Via

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