This Cat Is America’s Next Top Model

WhatDiegoWore is your next favorite Instagram account and its star, your next cat crush.

1. Owner Michele Jaret said: “I got this idea because he has this cat tower where he always rests his head on the windows.”

Michele Jaret / Via

2. “Whenever I saw his head sticking out, it reminded of those face-in-hole things where you take a picture of your head on a funny body. So I cut a body out of a catalog and What Diego Wore was born on Instagram.”

Michele Jaret

And thank god she did, or the world wouldn’t be able to witness Diego in all his model-esque glory.

3. “Oh, I’m sorry you don’t look as good in a Texas tuxedo and Keds. Everyone has their strengths. Mine is everything.”

4. “Justin Timberlake wrote ‘Suit and Tie’ about me. You can say I’m his muse, I guess.”

5. “My job is lounging around a house all day looking chic. I always show up looking profesh.”

6. “No socks, loafers, mixed prints. Don’t try this at home, kids. Leave it to the pros.”

7. “Are my tiny little human hands strumming on your heart strings? I get that a lot.”

8. “Oh, this old thing? It’s a present from Choupette, you know, Lagerfeld’s Siamese.”

9. “I decided to hold this painting of legs in tights and this tape player to make them look sexier. It’s my good deed of the day.”

10. “Orange tabbies are basic. I’m a TANGERINE tabby, sweetheart.”

11. Rumor has it he’s going to be modeling at Paris Fashion Week for Purr-ada and Mew Mew, and we can’t wait!

Michele Jaret

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